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Natural Objects Childcare
The Orchard

The Orchard St Ives represents an opportunity for an environmentally responsive preschool within the inner suburbs of Sydney.

Based on the concept of a rural orchard the centre combines carefully designed interior features with exterior spaces based on a natural palette of materials.

The Tri-fold roof form controls natural light to the upper spaces whilst facilitating the natural ventilation of the centre on both levels via the main entry void space. The roof form has been designed to passively improve the environmental performance of the centre on a daily basis.

The exterior play spaces include key features such as a full-scale tractor, a mini orchard and interactive age-appropriate play stations that engage children in the process of growing organic produce on site.

Careful design attention has also been given to the ground floor of the centre that accommodates the younger children.


A series of wall recesses, corners and active edges combine with a detailed material palette to create a fine grain, human-scale experience in these play areas.  

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